Bet365 and Political Odds

Political Odds on Bet365

There are plenty of hidden gems to be found on Bet365! Besides betting on casino games, poker and sports and everything else you would expect from a state of the art gambling platform, you can also bet on UK politics! Who would have known? Are you politically savvy or do you have a hunch about the upcoming elections? If so, Bet365 is the betting platform for you!

Currently, the UK Politics section includes a variety of interesting bets in the political world. The general elections are of course a recurrent bet before any election. You can bet on the outcome of the election as well as when the next election will be called. You can even bet on who the next party leaders will be. There is something for everyone, so continue reading and find out a bit more about the many political bets available. An interesting bet available right now is the so-called Theresa May Special. This special offers very interesting odds that you can see below:

When will Theresa May leave office as Prime Minister?

  • In 2019 – 1.5
  • In 2020 – 4.50
  • In 2021– 9
  • In 2022 or later – 10

This special runs up until the 31ST of March so be sure to place your bets before then if you want a piece of the action. Whoever said that politics had to be boring? Why not add a bit of excitement to the speculations? It could even end up being a catalyst for getting more involved in politics.

Theresa May

Brexit and Bet365

You could also bet on Brexit and with the many different kinds of political bets offered, there is sure to be something of interest for everyone. It is a subject that many, if not most, have an opinion on – even if you do not live in Britain. It can have effects on surrounding economies and trade agreements, so of course, it is a hot topic among many. There are currently these four bets available:

Another UK EU referendum by the end of 2019

  • Yes – 4.50
  • No – 1.16

Brexit – Deal or No Deal

  • UK to leave with a deal on the 29th of March 2019
  • UK to leave with no deal on the 29th of March 2019
  • UK not to leave on the 29th of March 2019

Brexit – UK to leave the EU on the 29th of March 2019

  • Yes – 3.50
  • No – 1.28

Brexit – When will the UK leave the EU?

  • Before the end of March 2019 – 3.50
  • Between April and December 2019 – 2.10
  • Not before 2020 – 2.87

As with anything, political betting is also influenced by real-life events. New proposals, speculation or news might at any time change the odds. So get your bets done before time runs out!



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Last update : November 2019