Bet365 Live-Chat

The live-chat on Bet365

The live-chat is there for one purpose and that is to help Bet365 customers with any issues they face or frustrations they might have. It can only be encouraged to reach out and talk to customer service if you face any problems. It is in the best interest of Bet365 that their customers are happy and satisfied. You can as such also expect them to be very fair, regardless of what the issue is. Are you having difficulties withdrawing your winnings? No problem. Just reach out to customer service through their live-chat and get the support you need.

When is the live-chat open?

Normally you would probably not expect this, but you can write customer service through the live-chat 24 hours and 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no excuse for not getting in touch if you do need assistance with anything. If you prefer chatting over talking over the phone or writing e-mail, then this is ideal for you. Bet365 are well aware that their users play throughout the day and that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting to get a problem or issue resolved. The chat makes everything much easier and in many cases, your frustrations can be over in a matter of minutes! You will back to your favorite betting activity in no time.

Is the live-chat easy to use?

The chat is very easy to use and you should not face any issues using the chat. If for some reason you cannot get the chat to work or connect to a customer service representative, then you can of course also send customer support an e-mail or give them a call. This should not be a worry though, as the chat is very stable and for many the most preferred way to get in touch with customer service.

The Bet365 team wants to give you the best possible betting experience and work hard to ensure that the chat is always available to customers. They know that any customer frustrations could result in bets not being placed or even that players find another platform to bet on.

Where can I find the live-chat on Bet365?

You can find the live-chat on any of the Bet365 pages and no matter where you are on the platform, help is just a click away. The chat is located in the bottom right corner and can be accessed by simply clicking it and filling in your question or issue. The customer support team will then get back to you in a matter of minutes. It doesn´t get much easier than that. You can also get straight to the live-chat by accessing the live-chat if you cannot find it on the platform while betting.



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Last update : November 2019