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Bet365 and Decimal Odds: What You Should Know

It is very important that betters know the different types of odds and how to distinguish between them. Usually, the odds presented on Bet365 are shown as fractional odds (also known by some as “British odds”). This is evidently the preferred option for most British and Irish betters, but for users more familiar with decimal odds, there is of course way to show the odds as such. After finishing this article, readers will be better equipped and be able to clearly distinguish between the two different types of odds. For many, it might even make more sense to show the odds in a brand new way.

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What are Fractional odds?

Fractional odds are shown as being relative to the stake that is bet. Odds that are presented as 20/21, means that the odds are 20:1 and that a winning bet of 100 dollars will result in a payout of 2100 dollars. The winnings on the bet would be 2000 dollars while the original 100 dollars that were bet are also refunded to the better. If the odds, on the other hand, are presented as 1/20 (or 1:20) the bet would only make 5% or 5 dollars on a 100 dollar bet, with total funds returned to the better being 105 dollars. If odds are presented as 1/1 or 1:1 then a 100 dollar bet would yield the winner 200 dollars, which includes the 100 dollars initially bet.

As readers might have noticed, fractional odds are very simple to understand and the payoff is very clearly indicated from the onset.

What are Decimal odds?

Decimal odds (also known as ”European Odds”) are used widely by most betters in Europe, Australia and in Canada. While fractional odds make it very apparent how much a winning bet will accrue, decimal odds make it a bit more difficult from just a glance. The main difference is that with decimal odds, the stake has already been accounted for. An easy way to remember how to convert fractional odds to decimal odds is just to divide the fraction and then add a 1. For instance, if the odds are 20/1, then the decimal odds would be 21.0. If the fractional odds are 1/20, then the decimal odds would be 1.05. For even odds, the decimal odds would be 2. For some betters, it might take a bit of time to adjust to this new way of looking at odds, but fear not – it gets easier the more you use it.

How to change to Decimal odds on Bet365?

In order to change fractional odds on Bet365 to show as decimal odds, users simply have to go to their account and then make the change. This can be done by clicking on their username in the top right corner. Regardless of preference, it is nice to know that Bet365 has made it easy for users to switch between the different odds viewings. The platform has a good reputation in the betting industry and it is not difficult to see why!

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