Top bet365 Alternatives: Our favourite other bookies for 2020

A little bit of variety never hurts anybody – some healthy competition, so to say. So here are my top 5 places where you can play but Bet365.

William Hill and their business stands out as usual

bet365 alternative william hill

Without a doubt, this massive bookmaker gives Bet365 a run for their money, no matter the country. What really launches William Hill in the stratosphere of gaming is all the possibilities that I have when I’m on their website.

  • There are bonuses for new players and existing ones alike. You get greeted by promo offers right off the gate. Once I completed my registration, I was ready to take advantage of some sweet deals that would let me play for a long time before having to reach into my own funds.
  • While the bonuses at William Hill are good, the variety of games is what truly allows the company to excel. When I’m sick of sports, I can easily switch to their casino games. And this also includes Live Casino, which is where I think the real players are. For casuals, there’s always the bingo and slots. Few bookies on the market have something for everyone.
  • The Live betting product at William Hill is vast. Unfortunately, what I don’t like is the fact that at some point they try to offer “too much” and the quality of the product is somewhat diluted. For instance, they got every single little tennis tournament available for in-play betting. Many times, there would be a blacklisted player involved, and my bets would be made void. This results in poor customer experience in my eyes.

My personal likes and dislikes regarding William Hill

The bottom line is:

The good stuff

An abundance of events and games is always what I’m after. I get it with William Hill. They are also swift to offer matches once they become available.

What can be better

They have to pay more attention to participants in bottom tier matches. Also, I personally am not amused by all the offers and promos that greet me when I visit the home page.

Another such competitor would be Ladbrokes

bet365 alternative Ladbrokes

Here’s one of the very well-known brands across the UK. These guys are very influential, but in reality, I think they mainly stand out in the retail shop business. However, times are changing, and I personally see Ladbrokes adapting to online reality.

  • The bonus for new players will not blow you away. I know it didn’t impress me that much. It is a convenient perk to have as it allowed me to place some free bets, but it is still nothing I can compare to the US bookies, for example.
  • The odds are what I really like about Ladbrokes. Not the regular ones that you get for the top football matches or anything. I am talking about their price boosts. I feel like Ladbrokes really tried hard to come up with sports betting possibilities for its customers, and every week they come up with the quirkiest special bets, combos, and price boosts. Yes, most of them are very tough to guess right, but the returns are there.
  • Ladbrokes really stays on top of the “UK sports” content. By this, I mean that the traditionally popular sports in the UK are well covered and with very few mistakes. Scarcely known leagues give Ladbrokes problems though. They would occasionally have the wrong result for a match in Asia, resulting in delays in payouts and voiding bets.

My thoughts in a nutshell about Ladbrokes

The bottom line is:

The good stuff

Again, a variety of gaming options, but I mostly like the combos and the price boosts. The mobile app is also convenient to have around.

What can be better

Maybe they can focus on improving the welcome offers that they got. Not only in the sportsbook but also for the casino.

Paddy Power now makes its way into my reviews


Ah, here’s your traditional UK sports, betting operator. My Paddy Power’s experience goes like that:

  • These guys know how to offer UK sports, and I often go their website looking for results on GAA (Gaelic Sports) as they are pretty much the only ones to give out this information. I also like the fact that I can bet live on Rugby and Cricket. Other operators also have these options, but I have found that I like the live scoreboards of Paddy Power the most.
  • The welcome bonus isn’t the strongest side of Paddy. I can safely say that it is actually slightly worse than the one of Ladbrokes. It looks like it was made for casual players as the amount of cash you are ready to play with during your Paddy Power experience has absolutely no bearing on the size of the welcome bonus you can get.
  • The mobile app of Paddy Power has been around for 10 years now. They are among the first bookmakers in the UK to actually have this feature. The compatibility between the website and the app is at a 100% as you can get your bonus, deposit/withdraw funds and even live stream sports using your phone.

The short version of what I think about Paddy Power

The bottom line is:

The good stuff

Since I am an entirely devoted fan of traditional UK sports, I enjoy playing at Paddy Power. Also, their football coverage is extensive as they got some very obscure leagues to bet on. I won’t go listing any of them, of course, for the sake of saving everyone’s time.

What can be better

The customer service at Paddy Power should be slightly improved because currently, you can call them on the phone only from the UK and Ireland. It is also high time they improved their live stream capabilities because I see that other operators stream more sports than paddy.

Time to check out what playing at Coral felt like

Did you know that Coral and Ladbrokes joined forces and are essentially the same operator? While at the management level, they are the same company, both brands have somewhat preserved their past identity.

  • Betting on horse racing and greyhound racing at Coral is pretty cool. I was blown away by the size of their racing offer. They cover races not only across the UK but also in the USA, France and even Australia. The best part is that they also live stream that stuff. I just had to make sure I had a positive balance in my account.
  • The goodwill gestures and the settlements allowed to stand thing is genuinely what I admire about Coral. While their customer support isn’t the quickest to react, their trading team obviously is tasked with making all the customer-friendly decisions during disputes. I am happy to say I’ve been refunded many times when I bet on some sketchy and obscure sports, and the outcome isn’t clear.
  • For the previous point to be accurate, though, the operator has to make some mistakes, and they do. It seems like most of these errors are tech-related because I would sometimes see matches available to bet after they had finished. Other times, scoreboards wouldn’t be visible. All in all, the live betting product at Coral can be improved.

A summary of what I experienced with Coral

The bottom line is:

The good stuff

Excellent racing product. I enjoy interacting with the CS and trading teams at Coral too. Their decision-making during disputes is always in my favour.

What can be better

It seems like they have to hire new IT guys to maintain their sports trading tools. I am not happy about how often I got the possibility to place late bets. It makes me look like I’m the bad guy.

A seemingly unlikely member of the list is Betfred

bet365 alternative Betfred

Few people probably saw this review coming, but I personally like Betfred. After all, they managed to make their way onto the US market as well. They got to be doing something right.

  • Finally, a welcome bonus that I enjoyed more than the others. Still, bet365 gives me a better welcome offer, but Betfred is definitely above average. What I like is that the offer is available for mobile and desktop alike. What’s not so cool is that it is restricted to the UK and Irish players only. Also, If I get the welcome bonus for the sportsbook, I can’t have one for the casino, lotto, etc.
  • The operator has plenty of other bonuses for existing customers. Regardless of the product, you will be able to get a new bonus for your game almost daily. Betfred is perhaps the first operator that had me interested in other products besides sports betting because of the juicy bonuses on games.
  • The cash-out options are somewhat limited. This is maybe related to the overall small number of markets that I can bet on. Betfred is not such a huge enterprise, and I suspect they don’t’ have the resources to monitor and offer a vast number of markets yet.

Betfred has several upsides – don’t discount it.

The bottom line is:

The good stuff

I like the variety of bonuses that they have for all of their products. Yes, I can get just one welcome bonus, but the ongoing offers really satisfy my gaming needs.

What can be better

They have to be quicker to address customer queries, and I hope that in time, their sports betting options will increase in number.