Bet365 Affiliate Program

The Bet365 affiliate program – What should I know?

First, let us briefly run through what an affiliate program is, so everyone is up to speed. By signing up for an affiliate program you become an affiliate of a certain product or service. The role of an affiliate is to promote another company and being rewarded for doing so. The rewards can vary from affiliate to affiliate program but they can be anything from future revenue sharing if users sign up or an affiliate can have funds accredited to their affiliate account immediately. In this article, we will be looking closely at the Bet365 affiliate program. After reading this, you will be fully equipped with all the knowledge needed to make the decision and hopefully become an affiliate partner at Bet365!

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What is the Bet365 affiliate program?

The Bet365 affiliate program enables all affiliates to earn commission on the products offered by the betting platform. Bet365 has a dedicated affiliate team, so you are sure to be left in good hands and that a team is standing by to resolve any issues and to help you optimize your affiliate business. The more successful you are, the better! You can grab up to a 30% share of the future profits the platform makes from the customers who are referred from you. That is a pretty good deal! The affiliate payout kicks in once the referral has created an account on Bet365 and made the first-time deposit. It then accrues over time as the player bets on the platform.

The profit share includes all bets placed on the platform, regardless of the customer is playing poker, Black Jack or trying his or her luck on the slot machines. This means that you can promote the platform to customers with a variety of interests who are on the lookout for a new betting platform. If you can provide the content and the referral, you both benefit!

How do I sign up?

It is very straightforward. You simply go to the bet365 affiliate page and complete the sign-up process. Your application will then be approved within 5 working days. It can be recommended to spend the waiting time preparing your content and getting everything ready, so you are all set for when you are approved. Once you have been approved, there are guides and extra tools to help you get you going.

Is it free to join the affiliate program?

Yes. It does not cost you a single dime to start setting up your new affiliate business with Bet365 and there is plenty of existing material that has prepared for you that makes everything just a little bit easier. This includes banners and pre-approved promotional text that is sure to drive traffic in! There is also a dashboard available which enables you to access your reports so you can further improve your affiliate business. It can be recommended to implement affiliate links into newsletters and other existing promotional materials. As users open up their e-mails and click to on the provided link and sign up, they are added to the group of referrals that continue to make you 30% for as long as they continue as active members of the platform.


Note that this article is based on a personal experience of the Bet365 services.

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Last update : November 2019